Seems like I would have remembered this…

No, I wasn’t drunk. At all. And neither were they. Still, for some reason, I forgot all about this picture until I was scrolling through my phone, looking for things to delete to make more room for important things, under the advice and watchful eye of my smart IT girl at work, who I’ve adopted as my own personal gadget geek, even though it’s not her job. At all. But now she knows all my passwords, which means nothing is secret. Not that I have anything to hide…including this picture.

I’d like to think I’m a man-magnet and meeting young, attractive, beefy guys in the street who put on masks when I ask them to happens all the time, but alas, this was an anomaly. Here’s what happened: I was in Oakland with my friend Kristin, and we were leaving a restaurant when these cute guys in a beautiful BMW waved at us. It took a good 10 seconds for us to realize they just wanted our parking spot.

And seeing as how we were old enough to be their mothers, and we’re not the cougar types, and they were very polite and sweet, it was kind of a long, sort of embarrassing 10 seconds. For them.

But then they laughed with us at our mistake, and agreed to take a picture with me for my blog wearing these masks we’d been handed at the restaurant bar for a reason I can’t really remember. I think these nice young men quickly realized they were probably the most exciting thing to happen to us all night. And then they laughed again and waved and walked off to the night club.

It’s hard to find a good parking spot, sometimes. I like to think we were write my essay for money please worth the effort.