I am so NOT pretending this never happened!

So anyway. I went to the Bloggess’ “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” book signing event on Friday night and it was marvelous. And I’m not just saying that.

Alas, poor Yorick, I knew you well...

I was in the Bay Area with Pamela, my new best work friend, and we were done with our meetings in Mt. View by 4:00 at an office near the Google campus. When we second-guessed the GPS lady’s intentions (which is actually quite common, for me…) we happened to drive by a Google wine-tasting event in a nearby parking lot, but Pamela wouldn’t let us stop (I’m just soooo sure…) so I said fine then, we had plenty of time to drive over the Golden Gate bridge, through rush hour traffic to go to Jenny’s book signing and she said “I LOVE The Bloggess!” and I said of course you do, and so we re-calculated, and boom, we were at the book store in hardly no time (even though it was more like 1.5 hours, despite my saying over and over “doesn’t it seem like there’d be a more direct route from Mountain View to Corte Madera?” and she said “Yes, if we ran the city, there’d be a 40 mile monorail from San Jose to Mill Valley that would by-pass the traffic and it would be free!” and I agreed, and I tried hard to not complain about the traffic, since she was driving.)

There were a lot of people there. This was a portion of the crowd:

Just a small slice of the fan base

And then, after a while, Jenny appeared:

And the crowed went wild! And I’m not kidding. 150 people at least, I swear it. Sheesh. For a girl with generalized anxiety disorder, she sure can read and laugh and work a crowd, despite throwing up before hand, and she should totally get Xanax to sponsor her blog. Then she had to SIGN all the books. For all the people. And she was nice as can be to every single one, as usual. Because she’s a rockstar.

She also signed Pamela’s arm, because Pamela’s all cool and hipster to think of that kind of thing:

Such a rock star thing to do!

“Pretend you’re good at it” is my new mantra:

Pamela can't shower for the rest of her life!

So I decided I had to write about this little adventure, because I noticed that the last time I wrote a post in this blog was back in August. I wrote about my trip to BlogHer back in June. A lot has happened since August. I moved out, got a divorce, got a new job, then another new job, then moved again. So you know, it’s been quite a busy few months around here. Except you didn’t even know it, because I just went quiet. Because sometimes the writing has to stop while you work through everything. Out of respect for the working of the out, and all the people involved.

But now it seems I’m back to writing again. Because, hey, look, I’m writing.

So thanks to the hundreds of you who have signed up to read my blog while I was gone, and for those who signed up to be in the running club, even though my running has been sporadic. I’m sorry I disappeared. But now I’m back, so let’s just see how it goes, shall we?

The thing is, I’ve learned through reading Jenny’s blog and her book (which I highly recommend) and all the other amazing blogs out there. Sharing and reading stories makes life a little easier, for all the readers and writers seeking connection. Me included. You people got me through some tough times, even if you didn’t know it. I appreciate you.

Thank you for reading. Let’s do this thing, people.