But it's comfortable!

Yes, I do wear fun (yet quirky!) fashion ensembles such as this out of the house. But only on Saturdays, when I’m walking down to get my coffee from the adorable coffee girls who don’t seem to mind what I wear (especially since I give them good tips when they compliment my brightness.)

Plus, sometimes (okay, once!) Stacy London responded to me on Twitter! Okay, I was talking about Dansko clogs, and she didn’t actually comment on one of my adorable and fashion-forward coffee outing outfits, but she did say something slightly derogatory about my clogs, which was quite funny, and made me feel special to be noticed.

Remember when you felt proud and cool when a popular girl at school smiled at you, even if she was giggling at the homemade cardigan you fashioned out of a fabulous St. Vincent De Paul wool pullover by cutting it down the front and sewing ribbons and buttons on it (thank you Seventeen Magazine! Great idea!)? That’s exactly how I felt when Stacy made fun of my clogs on Twitter.

She noticed me! Stacy London actually noticed me! And I swear if she were blindfolded and forced to wear these burgundy Danskos for one hour while running around New York City with Clinton, she’d be hooked, too. Except Clinton wouldn’t be allowed to say anything, and I mean a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. about her shoes the whole entire time, or she’d get all self-conscious and whine about feeling like a Clydesdale or something and try to kick them off probably, and then all bets would be off. Not that I’m betting she’d do it. I’m not much of a gambler. You gotta know when to walk away, and when to run. And you can run way faster in Danskos than those flimsy (yet adorable!) kitten heels she’s always pushing.