Fog on my glasses is annoying.

Fog on my glasses is annoying. Obviously.

As a reluctant, fair weather runner, I can always think of at least ten reasons not to run. On cold and rainy Sundays, I can think of 100. Most of them have to do with how much I hate raindrops on my glasses. And being cold. And feeling lazy. And thoughts of potential bubble baths, cozy fires, hot cider, watching Alias on Netflix with my cute boyfriend…see? I’m on a roll here.

I’ve found that having a perky running partner who likes to follow weekly schedules really helps me get my Sunday walk/run on. Because she says “let’s run in my neighborhood on Sundays,” like it’s a statement of fact, not an option. Sometimes I need to feel like running is a fact, not a fuzzy maybe. I’ve found it is best to trick myself into this sport anyway I can.

Bekah lives in a very hilly neighborhood (even hillier than mine) which has pros and cons:

1. Pro – a four mile big hill loop is a great workout. I feel it in my legs, in a productive way, the next day.

2. Con – omg, did I mention the hills? I can’t actually run all of them without stopping to walk. She can’t either, which somehow makes me feel less lame. So maybe that’s a pro.

3. Pro – I get to walk! Just knowing this often gives me the extra push to get in the car and go to her house.

4. Pro – Bekah is a goofball, so despite my thinly veiled lazy angst, I always end up enjoying the hill run/walk, and I’m always glad I went.

So, the pros won today, and off we went.

[Oh, and these are Vine videos, and they loop until you hit stop! Also, they come up with the volume off, so turn it on by hovering over the top left corner and clicking the sound icon.]

First, we warmed up. She’s totally into “Dynamic Stretching.” She’s demonstrating the advanced version here. I highly recommend you ease into this. Check with your doctor first, etc.

And hey, look! We made the last hill without stopping today!

So there you have it! Go find some hills and try a little walk/running! And send us your videos or pictures so we can give you a virtual high five!

Cheers and happy Sunday,