Middle-aged Angst

Goodbye Scale, Happy Thanksgiving!


I woke up the day after Halloween feeling like crap because I drank too much wine and ate too much chocolate the night before. Which gives me insomnia. Which means I don’t feel like exercising. Which makes me feel like crap. Which I did. I looked in the bathroom mirror. I wasn’t happy with what […]

On November 27, 2013, in Health and Wellness, Middle-aged Angst, by juliejulie

The Bloggess Book: Let’s Pretend this Never Happened (and how my life has changed!)


So anyway. I went to the Bloggess’ “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” book signing event on Friday night and it was marvelous. And I’m not just saying that. I was in the Bay Area with Pamela, my new best work friend, and we were done with our meetings in Mt. View by 4:00 at an […]

On April 23, 2012, in Love and Marriage, Middle-aged Angst, Travel, by juliejulie

Escape to Quiet Village: My new exotic look!


I found this lovely retro album at a garage sale in Oakland, in the free pile! Of course I grabbed it. We don’t have a record player, but it’s the picture I like.  Now I just need to get an orange dress, big gold hoop earrings, and some sort of major push-up strapless bra. Then […]

On August 18, 2011, in Humor, Middle-aged Angst, by juliejulie

My Big Hair: don’t try this at home!


I was getting ready for a meeting in San Francisco the other day, when Kristin decided she’d help me with my hair. “We need to add some volume,” she said, matter-of-factly. I trust this girlfriend with my hair because she was a professional hairstylist for many years. Plus her hair always looks good. In fact, […]

On August 16, 2011, in Fashion, Middle-aged Angst, by juliejulie

Hot Flash Mob Moms: Lunch dance at BlogHer!


I do love me some Flash Mob, and BlogHer delivered! Check out the video, blogger chicks are hot dancers. Never, ever underestimate the power of the mommy bloggers and the people who love them.  These women are shaping your future, America. Pay attention! I was too busy filming to snap photos, so I snagged this photo […]

On August 9, 2011, in Fitness Adventures, Middle-aged Angst, Travel, by juliejulie

I Took Pink High Heels to San Francisco: Pier 39, China Town and a U2 Concert


I took the Pink Oh! Shoes on an adventure in San Francisco last week. We also went to the U2 concert in Oakland, where my friends from the Moonalice Band opened the show, and I met fellow Tribe members in real life, and affirmed that Oh! Shoes were made for walking, touring and dancing. Yes, […]

On June 14, 2011, in Fashion, Middle-aged Angst, Sponsors, Travel, by juliejulie

Why Yoga Makes Me Cry


In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on a bit of a journey this past year. We moved. Twice. So there’s that. I helped the family get settled, and now I’m networking my way into a new community for work, finding old friends and making new ones, and starting the Chubby Mommy Running Club in […]

On May 14, 2011, in Fitness Adventures, Health and Wellness, Middle-aged Angst, by juliejulie

Why I’m Addicted to Social Media: Christopher Hitchens, Alice Bradley, and Sarah, a Marine’s Wife


The thing about Twitter and Facebook, for me, is the stories. I see an ongoing stream of big and little stories roll along, from top to bottom, all day, and all night, day after day, right here in my living room, and anywhere I’m willing to take out my phone, which always travels in my […]

On May 11, 2011, in Middle-aged Angst, by juliejulie

My First Half Marathon: Why I ran and how I felt


Okay, I admit it: I’m quite proud of myself. I ran my first Half Marathon on Sunday, and had the pleasure of crossing the finish line at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon, where many of the greatest runners in the world have raced. I was expecting to feel relieved. I was not expecting to feel […]

On May 5, 2011, in Middle-aged Angst, Running, by juliejulie

Mommy Makeover: From Frumpy to Fabulous with One Good Hairdo!


Okay, those pictures of me in the purple dress are pretty bad. I can’t believe I walk around like that. And you guys let me! Ah well, whaddya do.. I love my new hair! It’s funny how much of my self-esteem is tied up in how I look. I wish I could say it’s not […]

On March 11, 2011, in Fashion, Hair, Middle-aged Angst, by juliejulie
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