Middle-aged Angst

Betty Friedan in My Bed


Note from @juliejulie: I’m going to fold my Posterous Blog, where I started writing little snippets of my daily conversations, back into this blog.  I wrote this post back in February, when I was trying to figure out how to balance home and work and what I really want to do when I grow up. […]

On August 25, 2010, in Love and Marriage, Middle-aged Angst, by juliejulie

Should I Burn my Uterus?


“Should I let the doctor burn up my uterus?” I ask him. We are in bed. I am reading “Bitch.” “The Power of No” and “Going Gray” are stacked up beside me, waiting. He sighs heavily. I look over his shoulder. The lines of his code are a foreign language to me. He’s typing in […]

On August 19, 2010, in Health and Wellness, Middle-aged Angst, by juliejulie

“I’m too young for age spots, right?” asks Lily-Livered 44 Year Old Mom


“True age spots are harmless and don’t need treatment, but they can look like cancerous growths,” says the Mayo Clinic. Lovely. I feel so much better and more attractive now, don’t you? In my quest to balance this natural, wholesome journey towards aging gracefully, I’ve tripped a bit when it comes to my skin. Gray […]

On August 16, 2010, in Middle-aged Angst, by juliejulie

My Hair/Myself: Old Lady Gray vs. Middle-Aged Hip Gray


Seriously, you guys, this crop of roots is getting too gray to ignore. Right? Of course, I’m not actually ignoring it, since I’m taking a picture of my roots every couple of weeks and showing the world, but you know what I mean. If I don’t erase the gray soon, I’ll be…a gray-haired lady. Goodness. […]

On August 14, 2010, in Hair, Middle-aged Angst, by juliejulie

The Wisdom of Kermit – Who said that every wish would be heard and answered?


Have you been half asleep And have you heard voices? I’ve heard them calling my name. Are these the sweet sounds that called The young sailors, I think they’re one and the same. I’ve heard it too many times to ignore it, There’s something that I’m supposed to be Someday we’ll find it The Rainbow […]

On August 13, 2010, in Family, Love and Marriage, Middle-aged Angst, by juliejulie

Gray Hair #3: I’m Not My Mom


My mom stopped by today.  We talked about my hair. She’s 73, and nearly all gray, with just a few brown highlights underneath. She has a lot of fine hair, just like me, which grows like a weed, she says. She can barely keep up with it, so she just let’s it go long, until […]

On July 30, 2010, in Hair, Middle-aged Angst, by juliejulie

Going Gray #2: She Let Me Touch Her Hair


I took the kids to the 5th Street Market in Eugene today to ride the glass elevator and sit by the splashing fountain in the shady courtyard. While they were eating ice cream, I met this nice lady named Jackie in the bathroom. I loved her hair, and told her I was considering going gray. […]

On July 26, 2010, in Fashion, Hair, Middle-aged Angst, by juliejulie

When Feathers Float Away


Sometimes things are heavy and they hurt when they slam into me. If I were a football player I’d be prepared and wear pads and a helmet, but I’m just a mom with a rational fear of head injuries. I’d rather my troubles were light and feathery and would just float away on a cool breeze […]

On July 26, 2010, in Health and Wellness, Love and Marriage, Middle-aged Angst, by juliejulie

Naked Hair: Is Gray the New Sexy?


Angelina did this for MOVIE, not in real life. For the record. For some strange reason the internets are interested in my hair. I can fly my mannequin to Vegas and take her to the U2 concert and spend hours making a video and writing about it for 250 clicks over time, or I can […]

On July 15, 2010, in Fashion, Middle-aged Angst, by juliejulie

Why I Love Naked Ladies at the Fair


We went to the Oregon Country Fair, one of the largest outdoor craft fairs in the country, where art and music and love flow freely in the woods in Veneta, Oregon, just a stone’s throw from Eugene, where many say the counter culture incubated in Ken Kesey’s psychedelic bus before it flew over the cuckoo’s nest. […]

On July 13, 2010, in Fashion, Middle-aged Angst, Travel, by juliejulie
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