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I know some of you are new, and since I ported over to WordPress, I have not tagged my posts to make it easier to search by subject.  So, here are a few reader favorites, by category. General Ridiculousness: Cooking with @juliejulie and the ShakeWeight – Just because someone had to do it! Traveling to […]

Stuff is Overwhelming


So you know how I’ve been pretending, ignoring, acting like this moving away thing is no big deal? It’s a lie. It’s wearing me out. Despite the garage sale and the big truck from Habitat for Humanity hauling away a bunch of furniture, and ten, twenty, more-than- I-can-actually-count trips to Goodwill to drop off car load after […]

On June 10, 2010, in Family, Love and Marriage, Middle-aged Angst, by juliejulie

Hey, I’m Still a Rock Star! Massage for Mom


My friend Toni at Rock Star Massage in Bend, Oregon has been trying to get me to come in and test drive a massage for about two years. She even offered to do a trade so I wouldn’t use money as an excuse not to do it, but I kept putting it off, month after […]

On May 9, 2010, in Health and Wellness, Middle-aged Angst, by juliejulie

Chubby Mommy Running Club at the Beach


This is me and my friend Sissy. She just got a beach house. I liked her before she got the beach house, but now I’ll love her forever. Sissy has many friends who love her unconditionally. I’ve been on a couple of fun trips with this group in the past, including a jaunt to Cindy’s […]

On April 20, 2010, in Club Meetups and News, Fitness Adventures, Middle-aged Angst, Running, Travel, by juliejulie

@juliejulie. Mannequin. Vegas. U2.


This doesn’t have anything to do with being chubby, a mommy, or running. This is just me being weird, scoring some great tickets to U2 in Vegas, putting my mannequin on an airplane, and making my best friend come along for the ride. I wrote a story about the Francine goes to Vegas adventure a […]

On April 6, 2010, in Francine the Mannequin, Humor, Middle-aged Angst, Travel, by juliejulie

Back in the Groove. Sort of.


After a lazy month of sporadic running due to “I can’t go running today” excuses involving the snow and ice, the sun came out and I finally got back in the groove, and went four times last week. Four days of running in a week is enough to make me feel like a runner again, […]

On February 6, 2010, in Francine the Mannequin, Middle-aged Angst, by juliejulie

Bras Bras Bras


Here’s the truth: I have too many bras. I’m embarrassed to tell you the exact number. There are so many that I can actually group them into little groups. If I were the organized type, I’d have custom, labeled dividers in my dresser drawers for each group. I wonder if Martha Stewart does. Here are […]

On January 17, 2010, in Health and Wellness, Love and Marriage, Middle-aged Angst, by juliejulie

Being Weird


Ideas are pictures. They flash through my brain, in color, instantly. Sometimes they’re a single frame, and sometimes they’re more like a quirky, saturated short film shot in Super 8. A good idea makes me tingle. And then I have to talk about it so I can figure it out all the way. Some ideas […]

On January 12, 2010, in Art, Middle-aged Angst, by juliejulie

The One About the Book Deal


So a couple of months ago a brilliantly smart literary agent from New York emailed me out of the blue. She said she’d been reading my blog, she enjoyed my writing, and would I be interested in writing a book? Yes, I said. Yes, yes, yes. I am interested. I was born interested in writing […]

On December 16, 2009, in Middle-aged Angst, by juliejulie

How the neighbors see me…


One bad thing about living in a high density neighborhood is not having a yard. So we have to let the pesky little dog outside whenever he asks. Which is a bummer when it’s 20′ outside. Of course I just throw on whatever warm clothes are closest to the door. My family laughs, sometimes. But […]

On November 29, 2009, in Fashion, Middle-aged Angst, by juliejulie
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